The Cooper School Daily

World Travelers!


This week, your mathematicians completed their unit on negative and positive numbers and exponents. We used cash and debt cards to reinforce the idea of positive and negative numbers and help with addition and subtraction of those numbers. Students learned to associate terms such as “in the hole”, “down”, and “in the red” with negative numbers. They learned to associate terms such as “in the black”, “in excess of”, and “over” with positive numbers. Your thinkers discovered that subtracting a positive or negative number is the same thing as adding the opposite of that number. This helped as they worked through more difficult subtraction problems.  



As we continue our study of poetry, your poets traveled back in time to Ancient Greece where the epic poem reigned supreme! This week our study of Greece was integrated throughout Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Art as your learners read myths and nonfiction texts, wrote epic poems, and studied the geography and architecture of Greece. One of our favorite lessons was when we learned the Greek alphabet and wrote our names using only Greek letters. We also took a short lesson in sketching in order to draw an ionic column. Ask your child what they learned about Greece this week!


Preschool Buddies

Your leaders continue to enjoy opportunities to mentor younger children! Last week we spent a morning with our Kindergarten friends playing games and reading books. This week, we took a trip to Mt. Pleasant to spend time with the preschoolers at Creative Minds Preschool. Your readers met with their Kindergarten buddies to get suggestions for the best picture books, and then took those picture books to read to the preschoolers. We had a blast reading, laughing, and learning with our new friends! Ask your child whom they read with on Friday at Creative Minds Preschool.


Important Dates

Tuesday, March 21                           Writing Workshop with Marcus

Friday, March 24                               Stingray Family Fun Night, 7-9:30 pm

Saturday, March 25                          Planting Party, 9-10 am

Thursday, March 30                         Parent Forum, 5:45-6:45 pm