The Cooper School Daily

Wow! What a Week!

Week of September 16-20, 2019


Creepy Crawly Bugs and Insects:

Our exciting bug and insect unit was launched this week.  In a Morning Meeting, Students shared what they “wondered” about bugs and /or insects. On Monday, students rotated through three types of investigations. Their curiosity was whetted by a table of books about insects, one of actual insect specimens, and a third table of descriptive photo cards about insects. 

Our First Grade Entomologists on Wednesday enjoyed an in-school study class with High Touch High Tech. With the guidance of a scientist, they furthered their investigations at four stations through which they rotated. They observed the Tarantula (an arachnid) , the exoskeleton of a cockroach, and superworms (the favorite food of our class pet, Pancake!).

They built edible models of spiders, observed slides of insects through microviewers and drew and labeled what they saw, and used paint and stamps and puzzles to document the life-cycle of a butterfly. Wow! What a day!

Class Jobs

Jobs were introduced this week. What a big help it is to have the students take on responsibilities! There are table duties~~distribution of work assigned, bringing book baskets to the assigned table and returning the baskets to their assigned place, clean up of materials as we transition from one activity to the next, door holder, pet feeder, etc. These jobs not only develop responsibility, but also lead the students to take ownership of their classroom community.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

This week in Morning Meetings, the students thought about ways that they can keep calm in stressful situations. In First Grade, breathing exercises were the focus. They also learned about parts of the brain; the prefrontal cortex ( the “wise leader”), the amygdala ( the “security guard”), and the hippocampus ( the “saver of memories”). Students are aware that these breathing exercises allow them to calm their minds and bodies and navigate and manage their feelings constructively.


Fluency was the emphasis this week. Teachers modeled fluent reading and the students practiced in independent reading at their group tables. Part of the development of fluency that was practiced was to read and reread!

Purposeful Movement

The quadriceps muscle was introduced to the class this week. Activities were incorporated that involved the use of the “quads”. Your student may have been a little sore after participating in following a leader through a circuit of movements, doing the limbo, or executing frog walks!

Important Dates:

Monday, October 14th Fall Break; No School
Thursday, October 31st Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)