The Cooper School Daily

Wrapping Up Self-Assessment!


All things Australian were the focus of Social Studies and Art this week.  During Art class students learned about Aboriginal Dot Art, and the techniques used to create these vibrant paintings.  Traditionally Dot Art was made using a “dotting stick”, but Ms. Kerry had the clever idea to use a pencil eraser or the flat end of a golf pencil to create appropriate sized dots.  Students chose a favorite Australian animal for the focus of their paintings and then surrounded these illustrations with dots.



Monday and Tuesday this week, I had the pleasure to sit back and watch as Fourth Grade scholars led their self-assessment conferences with poise and grace. I was thoroughly impressed with their ability to articulate their growth throughout the year in each subject area.  Scholars confidently presented themselves on paper and in video, to their families. They acknowledged places where they wanted to grow further as a student, and celebrated with great pride where they had already shown amazing growth. This is a truly unique event at The Cooper School that sets the stage for thoughtful self-reflection that will last a lifetime.



Fourth Graders began a new unit this week, Fractions. This unit begins with a review of fraction ideas previously introduced and extends knowledge by developing an understanding of equivalent fractions. Students identified the fraction of a “set of numbers” by using their understanding of multiplication and division. Later in the week, mathematicians related fractions to probability by looking at a deck of cards. The week wrapped up with students adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.


Important Dates:


Tuesday, March 13th                     Guest Poet Writing Workshop

Saturday, March 24th                     Spring Planting Party

Friday, March 30th                         Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                           Return from Spring Break