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Writing Up a Storm

Publishing Party!img_2288

This week First Grade hosted a fantastic publishing party. We invited the Third Grade class to come and listen to our nonfiction books. Each of our students got to read their book, one-on-one, to a Third Grader. After reading, the older student left the First Grader a comment or compliment on a special sheet of paper that the First Grader got to keep. It was a very special event.

Writing Workshop

With nonfiction behind us, we are moving on to opinion writing. Opinion writing is tricky, so to make it easier we invite students to bring in a collection from home. With the collection of seashells or toy cars or special beads, students learn to choose a favorite and explain why THAT one is the best. Eventually we will move on to write reviews, but for now students are off to a great start with their opinion pieces.

Holiday Migrationimg_2309

We had a very special week of Whole-School Morning Meetings. Each morning this week, all TCS students gathered together to learn about a different winter holiday. This week included Las Posadas, St. Lucia Day, and Christmas. Next week we will do the same thing to learn about even more special holidays that are celebrated here and around the world!

Important Dates
•   Friday, December 16 – Pajama Day! (Half-Day, 11:30 dismissal)
•   December 17 – January 3 – Winter Break, No School
•   Wednesday, January 4 – School Resumes

A Note from the TCS Office:
The Cooper School is participating with Pajama Program to donate new, unused pajamas to local 6-12 year-old children in need of warm sleepwear during this holiday season! We are collecting pajama sets and nightgowns December 12-16. To find out more about about this incredible organization, please visit their website: TCS students will get to wear their own pajamas to school on Friday, Dec 16 as a special treat! It is a half-day (11:30 dismissal).