The Cooper School Daily

You had to be there…

I am expecting most of you to have heard about our Nike saga from this week. The story of how it landed up there is way less interesting than the story of how we got it down. The phrase teamwork makes the dreamwork was really brought to life this week. Students brainstormed and worked together to gather materials, they assembled lassos out of hoodies and hula hoops, they climbed trees and tried to throw soccer balls. Once they worked most of the kinks out, a workable contraption was designed. There were two hula hoops being thrown on top of the outdoor classroom, one that was being controlled by jump ropes and one with fishing line. Lindsay was upstairs, where she could see the shoe, directionally guiding the students throwing the hoops. Through the phone, I hear her tone change, “PULL STRAIGHT, PULL STRAIGHT, HE’S GOT IT, HE’S GOT IT!!”. I’m jumping up and down while telling the students to stay steady and calm while pulling the shoe. It falls off of the outdoor classroom and the entire middle school runs to each other in celebration. They were so proud of themselves for working together to get the shoe! We were too. 

It’s the small things that make The Cooper School Middle School so special. We are very proud and honored to be a part of your students’ school lives. We have so much fun here and value everyone as a meaningful member of our community.  

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science:

Seventh Graders have been working diligently and gracefully on their ecosystem in a jar, invasive species project, and self-assessments. Some of the scientists’ hypotheses for their ecosystems were shown to be what was predicted, while other hypotheses were shown to have differing evidence. It has been so fun to check on them everyday. When we get back from break, they will share their projects with the rest of the middle school!

What’s up in Math?

I know Lindsay wrote about self-assessment in last week’s newsletter. Mathematicians are working through some real-life applications of the units we have covered. They reflected on which unit they felt the most confident with. They are busy getting their presentation and reflections done for a “sloppy copy” to then be revised by me, their peers, and other teachers to have the most polished presentation for you all! 

What’s happening in ELA:

The Seventh Graders have continued working on their research-based essay. They have reviewed how to do their APA in-text citations, APA reference page, and the expectations for an academic appropriate cover sheet. Your seventh graders are doing very well on working cooperatively on their essays. They have also been diligently preparing for their self-assessments and are excited to share with you their 7th grade accomplishments thus far. Their research-based essays are due at the end of their ELA class on February 25, 2022. We will set up for their actual debates the first week of March.

Important Dates:

February 21-22- February Break

February 23- Middle School Student Social (3pm-4pm)