The Cooper School Daily

Young Artists Shine!

Art Walk
On Friday we welcomed parents and special friends into The Cooper School for the Art Walk, an annual event showcasing the amazing artwork of our students. For the past few weeks, Ms. Kerry, parent volunteers, and teachers have transformed the school building into a student art museum, with artwork covering every wall and surface. As students showed their special friends around the building, it was easy to see the pride on the faces of young artists and parents alike. Teaching and practicing visual art is an essential part of developing the whole child, and no one does it better than Ms. Kerry. What a fantastic event!

Social Studies
This week in Social Studies, our students enhanced their knowledge of biomes! We learned all about the harsh polar biome and about the special aspects of the tundra. We even got to experience, in a small way, what permafrost is like! We froze some moist backyard soil and compared it to unfrozen soil to see what happens when it rains in the tundra. Can you guess? Much of the water stays on the surface, creating a unique habitat for plants and animals. Ask your child all about the polar tundra!

Dock Street Theater Trip
On Monday we traveled by car and bus to downtown Charleston to view a special showing of “James and The Giant Peach”, put on by the actors of Charleston Stage at the historic Dock Street Theater. Our students looked forward to this event for weeks and when the day finally came, they couldn’t have been more excited. In a theater filled to the brim with students from all around Charleston, we enjoyed a hilarious and touching play by skilled performers. We even recognized some of the actors because they came to TCS earlier in the year to teach us all about Drama and performance!

Important Dates
•   Wednesday, February 1 – 100th Day of School!
•   Friday, February 3 – Opinion Writing Publishing Party, 2:00pm
•   Tuesday, February 7 – Parent Coffee, 8:15-9:15am
•   Friday, February 10 – Valentine’s Day Bake Sake, TCS Backyard, 2:15pm
•   Tuesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day Concert, Circular Church, 1:00-2:00pm