The Cooper School Daily

Awesome August

As the year begins, the month of August turns into a time to not only rekindle old friendships but to allow for new ones to grow!

What’s Going On?

Middle Schoolers have used this week to reconnect with their classmates and to welcome new friends.

On Wednesday, middle schoolers held their first Middle School Meeting where we introduced ourselves and talked about what it means to be a Middle School Cooper Student. Student’s discussed things such as being; a leader, curious, passionate, mindful, resourceful, and inclusive. We then met in our advisories to discuss schedules and what our first full day will look like!

Thursday we began with our advisory groups before heading over to the library to hold our second Middle School Meeting. We reintroduced ourselves and Ms. Riley spoke about TCS technology norms and expectations. After the meeting concluded, we voted on electives and began the Middle School Olympics. We competed against the other advisories in a series of events asking us to work as a team in order to get comfortable with other members of our group.

It was a wonderful start to the school year and we are looking forward to continuing that trend as we move throughout the later months.