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Affording TCS

At The Cooper School, we believe that investing in your child’s education is an investment in their future as compassionate citizens, critical thinkers, and engaged leaders. We are committed to ensuring that our educational offerings remain accessible and affordable, allowing families to provide their children with the transformative learning experiences they deserve.

2024-25 Tuition + Fees

Our tuition prices have been thoughtfully calculated at each tier, reflecting the resources required to deliver a comprehensive program that equips students for success in high school and beyond.

ENROLLMENT FEE: This is a non-refundable deposit that is 10% of tuition costs and should be submitted at the time of enrollment. This fee is applied towards tuition.

  • GRADES K-2: $18,499
  • GRADES 3-4: $18,829
  • GRADES 5-8: $20,372

NEW FAMILY FEE (a one-time fee for new families joining The Cooper School): $750

Payment Options

  • Option 1: Single payment: Due July 1, 2024: Full tuition, less Enrollment Fee.
  • Option 2: Split payment: Due July 1, 2024: 60% of tuition, less Enrollment Fee. Due December 1, 2024: 40% of tuition.
  • Option 3: 10 payment plan: The ten month plan begins on July 1, 2024 and continues through April 2025.

Moderated Tuition

Applications for Moderated Tuition should be submitted by the application deadline for prospective families (Kindergarten applicants= January 1st, 2025, 1st-8th grade applicants= February 1st, 2025) and submitted by December 31st, 2024 for current families.