The Cooper School Daily

Becoming KinderPros!

A Walk In Our Shoes
This week, students could not wait to show off the shoes they brought in to be used for the Walk In Our Shoes project. Now that all Kindergarteners have chosen the shoes they will use, each student got a chance to share their shoe with the class as well as the reason why they picked it. Some chose old shoes with lots of memories, some brought fancy shoes covered in glitter, and some even brought some of their athletic shoes to tell us more about something they love. After sharing, Kindergarteners brainstormed different things we could include on our shoe art project to tell everyone that enters our classroom more about us! Kindergarteners got excited to include their favorite colors, animals, foods, shapes, numbers, and letters!

We Are Readers
This week, Kindergarteners continued examining the habits of good readers of fiction and nonfiction books. These scholars took an extra close look at our collection of nonfiction ‘Learn About the World’ books during our reading time. Students discovered that readers of nonfiction books approach reading them in a very special and thoughtful way. They have noticed that readers of nonfiction books slow down and study the pictures to learn and notice even more. Kindergarteners learned that one of the secrets of becoming a strong reader is to reread a book over and over!

Morning Meetings
Over the past couple of weeks, we have been so proud to see Kindergarteners learn the routines of our Morning Meetings. Each morning, students gather around to greet each other, share with a partner or the class, get involved with an activity to start our day and check in with our daily message. This week, we have been having so much fun using our photo wall to help Kindergarteners recognize their peers’ names!

Important Dates:
September 15th – Parent Coffee (8:15am – 9:00am)
September 23rd – Charleston Battery Family Fun Night
September 29th – Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)
October 9th-10th – Fall Break (No School)