The Cooper School Daily

Building Brains and Muscles


4th grade mathematicians focused on locating fractions on a number line and identifying equivalent fractions. They’ve been using measurement tools to ensure their line segments are perfectly straight and equal. Their fact fluency has helped a lot when solving for equivalence and they are one step closer to being introduced to finding common denominators!


Our writers are getting closer and closer to the day they publish their realistic fiction stories to the Kindergarten class. We have focused on details such as senses and emotions, and then we looked at condensing our stories so that they make sense to our target audience. Their stories are slowly transforming into the sweetest picture books and we are so excited for Kindergarten to see them!


We have moved on from bones and joints and are now learning about  muscles of the human body. By putting all of these lessons together, our scientists have been building models of legs, arms, and thumbs, complete with tendons and ligaments. We have loved these hands-on activities and can’t wait to do more in the coming weeks!

Important Dates:

September 26 – Picture Day

September 29 – Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)

October 9-10 – Fall Break (no school)