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Cooper School Kids in All We Do

My advisory group leapt onto longboards last week for off-campus P.E. at James Island County Park. Some students cut through the air and pushed their boards along with ease, others (and their teacher) scooted along at a slower pace. We were never not a team, though, cheering one another on and never forgetting to check on those who were taking a more cautious approach. Not a single student was discouraged by their differences. Even those who took a slower approach expressed total relaxation and pride in themselves. It was a perfect picture of who we are as ‘Cooper School Kids.’ Our longboard-learning may have looked a little different student to student, but we stayed united in our pursuit of a common destination. No matter how we boarded, everyone’s learning was in the ‘doing.’ Even on a skateboard, our progressive education values and Cooper School kindness shined through.

I hope our parents see glimpses of such values at home, as well. Perhaps it’s the next thing you can discuss at the dinner table or over homework. Let’s keep applauding such unity in uniqueness, kindness, and experiential learning in our kids.


What’s happening in Social Studies?
This week students worked diligently on completing their final copy of their research papers. Students were able to choose a “Revolutionary Woman” to complete a full research project on. Students progressed through the presentation after completing their paper by focusing on the presentation portion of the project. Student’s were focused on turning their research from their papers into a slide show to present to the entirety of the middle school (students only) next Friday.

Next week, the students will practice their presentations and progress in their curriculum. Students will learn about nationalism and the origins of the idea. Students will end the week with their presentation to the Middle School students on their Revolutionary Women.

What’s happening in ELA?
This week in 8th grade, we explored topics in photography and writing like creating tension, conveying mood, and using background. Having written several small pieces around each concept or inspiration photo, students chose a story to carry through the writing process to publishing.

Next week, 8th graders will study documentary style photography, the art of the unexpected, and lines/symmetry. They will have had a chance to publish a piece of writing and spend a lesson in ‘photography workshop’ where they capture an image to pair with their piece.

What’s happening in Science?
Eighth graders explored gravity this week! They experimented with ramps and marbles to witness how mass and height changes the gravitational force of objects. By changing either the height of a ramp or the mass of marbles, they were able to see how the variables change how far a cube can go. They also learned about friction and how it impacts the distance and acceleration of objects. Eighth graders also started to brainstorm ideas for their Rube Goldberg machines. They will wrap up gravity and friction next week and then start planning for their projects.

What’s happening in Math?
This week, students learned how to solve for a certain variable, investigated graphs and what they tell us, and explored substitution to assist them in solving a system of equations. Next week, 8th graders will find new ways to solve a system of equations by adding, subtracting, or multiplying them, and they will find the number of solutions a system may have. They’ll end the week by taking a Mid-Unit Assessment to check their understanding so far!

Important Dates:

Monday-Tuesday, October 9-10 Fall Break