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Cooper School Kids in All We Do

My advisory group leapt onto longboards last week for off-campus P.E. at James Island County Park. Some students cut through the air and pushed their boards along with ease, others (and their teacher) scooted along at a slower pace. We were never not a team, though, cheering one another on and never forgetting to check on those who were taking a more cautious approach. Not a single student was discouraged by their differences. Even those who took a slower approach expressed total relaxation and pride in themselves. It was a perfect picture of who we are as ‘Cooper School Kids.’ Our longboard-learning may have looked a little different student to student, but we stayed united in our pursuit of a common destination. No matter how we boarded, everyone’s learning was in the ‘doing.’ Even on a skateboard, our progressive education values and Cooper School kindness shined through.

I hope our parents see glimpses of such values at home, as well. Perhaps it’s the next thing you can discuss at the dinner table or over homework. Let’s keep applauding such unity in uniqueness, kindness, and experiential learning in our kids.


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s going on in Science?
Fifth graders learned about topographic maps this week. They created their own by molding their own mountain ranges with clay, but then transferring the elevation onto paper. They learned about map legends, symbols, and compass roses. The fifth graders also presented their slideshows about influential scientists to the class. As their first “in class” project presentation, I was very impressed with the overall effort, professionalism, and creativity. Next week, they will begin to brainstorm for their National Park project!

What’s happening in Math?
This week, students applied their knowledge of multiplying fractions to find the area of rectangles, then pushed their understanding of fractions by multiplying mixed numbers together. They finished off the week by review for their Unit 2 Test which they will take on Monday! They will soon dive into multiplying more unit fractions and non-unit fractions, and representing that multiplication in an expression and a diagram.

What’s happening in ELA?
5th grade worked on more personal narrative writing this week, examining how well they stayed in their own point of view in a story. We self-assessed our own work to make sure we were writing vivid stories with techniques like ‘show-don’t-tell’ and rewriting the leads of our story.

Next week, 5th graders will spend the week writing and rewriting a piece they chose this week. We will be deep in the writing process all the way through publishing our stories.

What’s happening in Social Studies?
This week, the students worked diligently to complete their North American Mindmaps. These projects focused on the history of North America, and how the United States and Canada came to be. The students then dove into Central America with some vocabulary about the early Central American civilizations such as; the Olmec, Mayan, Incan, and Aztec!

Next week, the students will dive into the colonization of this region and progress into the independence of the nations. Students will end the week by creating an interview on Flipgrid for Toussaint L’Ouverture.

Important Dates:

Monday-Tuesday, October 9-10 Fall Break