The Cooper School Daily

Enjoying The Beautiful Weather in First Grade!

First grade has been loving the cooler temps and breezy weather this week! We’ve had so much fun playing outside, learning new phonics games, becoming expert non-fiction readers, and closely watching our new mealworms!

Mealworm Observation

First graders are so excited about their mealworms arriving in the classroom. We’ve spent the past week making close observations as they begin their cycle of metamorphosis. Students have each received their own Mealworm Observation Journal where they are writing with detail about each stage of the life cycle. 

Learning About the World

This week First Graders are learning all about the world as we begin our non-fiction unit! We worked with our reading partners this week to identify the different non-fiction text features we found in the books of our classroom library.  We have loved seeing our brave readers locate non-fiction text features all around them!

We Love to Play Outside

Students have been full of shine as cooler weather is upon us! We’ve enjoyed building relationships with The Cooper School community and singing and dancing with  Mr. Noodle as he plays the guitar. First Graders are busy using their imaginations and learning new games!  We love seeing so many blossoming friendships on the playground!

Important dates:

September 23rd – Charleston Battery Family Fun Night                                            September 26th – Picture Day
September 29th- Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)