The Cooper School Daily

Exciting Week in Second Grade!

Reading about Science!

Investigations are a big part of science as well as the research aspect. During this unit of science students are also reading about what they are learning about. This week students are diving deeper into our water unit and learning all about the different fascinating things water does. Investigations are exciting, but it is also great to learn about how water affects our daily life. As well as how water affects all living creatures on our planet. This week students learned about surface tension and the way that water bonds together. Second graders were super excited to learn that there are bugs that walk on water!

Practicing our Phonics!

This week second graders have been working on their phonics skills. Students are using both their reading and comprehension skills to work on passages to practice their phonics. Second graders read a passage about a funny story or character. Afterwards, students read through the passage again identifying letter patterns and sounds. Each week varies based on the rule that students are reviewing. Our goal is to encourage students to read with comprehension but be able to correctly sound out each word they are reading!


This week in science second graders have been investigating water on different types of surfaces. This week their investigation included outdoor resources. Using a dropper, students observed how water was affected when placed on different pieces of wood and different types of leaves. It is exciting to see their true scientist come out during our experiments. It was exciting for students to see the effect water has on different materials as well as the real life comparison to when it rains!

Important Dates:

September 15th- Parent Coffee (8:15-9:00)

September 29th- Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)