The Cooper School Daily

Fall Freshness

“There is something so
Special in the early leaves
Drifting from the trees – as if
We are all to be allowed a
Chance to peel,
To refresh, to start again.”
Ruth Ahmed

Perhaps the beginning of the school year was rough. It is a tough transition to make from the freedom of the summer time to the chaos of starting a new grade. With that being said, chaos should not remain the theme of the school year. Use fall as a time to reflect and make changes on the parts that have been rough in order to start fresh. This will change the attitude of the school year and allow for you to regain control and balance.


What’s happening in Social Studies?
This week the eighth graders moved back into their content after completing amazing presentations on revolutionary women. Students started the week by analyzing their own identities before jumping into the idea of Nationalism. Students then used that information to complete a jigsaw activity on Italian and German nationalism.

Next week, the students will be assessed over their Revolutions and Nationalism unit before moving into Industrialization. Students will focus on the vocabulary and origins of industrialization and will begin the unit with a game about urbanization.

What’s happening in ELA?
This week in 8th grade writer-photographers returned from break to make final touches to their photographic writing pieces. We selected final images and shared our pieces with our peers. These pieces will be proudly displayed in our classroom following our exhibit. We ended our week with a fascinating field trip to the Dorothea Lange exhibit at the Gibbes Museum. It was a treat to use our new photography vocabulary to discuss and marvel at these world-renowned images.

Next week, 8th graders will begin an argumentative writing unit and transition to further studies in grammar. I look forward to refining our debate and research skills to form nuanced opinions on relevant student issues! Be on the lookout for a switch in their nightly reading folders from comprehension to fluency work.

What’s happening in Science?
Eighth graders worked on their Rube Goldberg project this week. They divided up benchmarks to make a presentation explaining the physics occurring in their machine. They also reviewed for their final test about gravity and Newton’s laws of motion. They will be bringing home a test for your review. Eighth graders will continue to design and test their Rube Goldberg machines next week!

What’s happening in Math?
This week, we will study inequalities and how to graph them with constraints. Next week, students will expand this knowledge to two variable inequalities by solving and graphing them, and then explore systems of inequalities.

Important Dates:
October 18- Parent Lemonade (2:00-2:45)
October 31 – Halloween Carnival (½ Day)
November 1 – Teacher Work Day (No School)