The Cooper School Daily

First Full Week of Third Grade !!!

Hopes & Dreams   

Third Graders were very excited to share their goals for the year. Students considered things in their lives they wanted to work on this school year, whether it be their organization, improving their reading, or many other fantastic goals. We all decided what objectives we wanted to achieve by the end of the year and created our Hopes and Dreams, complete with our own shooting stars!

Math Fun

Our Third Grade scholars are learning all about graphs in math. Students learned the difference between a bar graph and a picture graph. Scholars were able to spot that even though the graphs were different they could still show the same numbers. We are so excited to continue learning about different types of graphs.


Third graders were ecstatic to meet our new choir teacher Mr. Andy. Scholars introduced themselves and made him feel right at home! Third graders were thrilled to share their favorite song, singer and instrument with him. Our Musicians sang a few songs and learned some new musical terms!

 Important Dates:  

  • August 30 – Curriculum Night (5:30 pm – 6:30)
  • September  4th- Labor Day ( No School)