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Friday 31, 2019


How We’ve Grown This week we opened our height strings that we measured ourselves with at the beginning of the year to see how much we’ve grown over the Fifth Grade year. Many students were […]
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Friday 24, 2019


What’s Your Heartbeat? This week we have been doing experiments in Math to find out what our target heart rate is. We checked the number of heartbeats at a resting state, and then did jumping […]
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Friday 17, 2019

Memory Lane

Analyzing the Text! Our 5th Grade students learned about analyzing texts in order to understand events better while diving into their Westward Expansion books. As historians, it is critical for them to know not only […]
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Friday 10, 2019


Area and Volume! This week mathematicians have been calculating difficult real-world mathematical problems. Students have been making conversions and multiplying dimensions to find the area of an athletic center. Students have also been learning about […]
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Friday 3, 2019

Let’s Compost!

Composting Worms Scientists have been studying living systems for the past few weeks. We put together a composting worm habitat and have been observing these worms weekly to see the progress of our “scraps”. Students […]
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Friday 26, 2019

We are Historians

Let’s go on a mission! In Centers this week students got to go back in time and see what it was like to be on the Oregon Trail by playing this exciting game with classmates. […]
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Thursday 18, 2019

Having Adventures!

Westward Ho! This week, your readers began their study of Westward Movement, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of all the times I played Oregon Trail when I was a child. Although we did […]
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Friday 12, 2019

Revising Poetry

Morning Meeting Miles has been in charge of Morning Meeting this week. He discussed creativity and why it is important. One of the activities that Miles came up with was to create something out of […]
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Friday 5, 2019

Spring is here!

Spelling Hangman This week in Spelling we’ve decided to bring in an old fashioned game from the past: Hangman! Fifth Grade spellers got in their Spelling groups and played an exciting round of Hangman at […]
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Friday 22, 2019

Happy Spring Break!

Podcasts This week we are finishing up our Fifth Grade podcasts. The students have been working for weeks by meeting with their partners, writing up a script, and recording themselves for our Podcast Challenge. There […]
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Rachael Celia

Fifth Grade: Rachael Celia

Rachael is so excited to be joining The Cooper School as the 5th grade teacher. She has been living and teaching in Charleston for the past three years. Rachael received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Samford University. She enjoys sharing with others the excitement of learning and making education come to life with the integration of arts and sciences into the academic subjects. When not in the classroom, Rachael loves being outdoors, reading, ballet, and spending time with her dog, Vermeer.