The Cooper School Daily

Great First Week of First Grade!

Welcome Back!

It’s been a fantastic first week in First Grade! In our first few days we’ve really focused on our classroom routines and procedures. Students are excited to greet their peers and teachers each morning as they begin the day. Our returning students are going above and beyond to help our new friends learn the classroom routines and signals. 

We also worked on self-portraits, helped our friends measure their height with string, and shared our hopes and dreams for the new school year. Students also loved getting to know each other by playing “Find a Friend” Bingo and sharing facts about their favorite things. Our class is already so close and we can’t wait to continue to make new memories together!

Our newest classmate is our classroom pet hamster. This week the students worked together to come up with a unique name for her and we are excited to share that her official name is Fluffy Pom Pom (aka Fluffy)! Fluffy Pom Pom took a roll around on the carpet and our students loved getting a closer look. They are all very excited to get a chance to bring her home for a weekend this year (more information to come!).

Thank you for an amazing first week!

Important dates:

  • Aug 25th: Popsicles with Parents for K & 1 families 2:00-2:45pm
  • Aug 30th: Curriculum Night 5:30-6:30pm (Parents Only)
  • September: 4th- No School (Labor Day)