The Cooper School Daily

Hard Working Second Graders!

Cooper Village Update

The clock is ticking and it is almost time for the unveiling of Cooper Village. Second Grade students have been working so hard this trimester to create their own village. Beginning with natural disasters, they then moved on to jobs, and are now bringing their ideas to light. It has been fascinating to see their ideas and imaginations come to life with their ideas. We know they are so excited for you to see everything they have been working on!

Bringing Natural Disasters to Life

Students were challenged in their Cooper Village preparation to take an abstract twist to their natural disaster. The class has been split into natural disaster groups to work with for the duration of the project. Learning all about their natural disasters, students were asked to create an abstract oil pastel painting of their natural disaster. The colors and creativity came to life in the second grade classroom with their beautiful artwork. 


This week second grade has begun learning about money. They began identifying the four coins that are commonly used. Students identified the names of each coin as well as the value of the coin. Using their knowledge of coins students now are counting collections of coins. Beginning with identifying the coins and then counting them all together. Letting students know how important money is and how we use money in our everyday lives is so important!

Important Dates:

March 1st, 2024 @ 2:15: Cooper Village Presentation

March 4th and 5th: 11:30 Dismissal – Student Self-Assessment Conferences