The Cooper School Daily

Learning New Things in Second Grade!

Reading and Writing Nonfiction

This week second graders have begun their nonfiction reading and writing unit. During this unit of reading students will be reading all different genres of nonfiction and learning about all that information books have to offer. During our unit students will not only learn about nonfiction books but they will have the opportunity to write their own nonfiction books. Using the knowledge they learn in reading they will use those tools to write about a topic they are experts in (like pizza, dogs, and riding bikes)!

Subtraction with Two Digit Numbers!

This week second graders began subtraction with two digit numbers. Students rolled up their sleeves and got to work solving these large numbers. Mathematicians are learning all the different tools to help them solve subtraction problems and allow them to be successful and confident. Students can use math manipulatives, drawings, or numbers to solve these large number equations! Students are eager to learn new ways to solve problems as well as getting into larger numbers.

Learning about the Continents!

This week second graders learned all about our planet. We started learning about continents and oceans, and learned songs to help us remember the size of our continents and oceans as well as their names and locations. Students located the continent where we live together, as well as the other six continents that make up the world. Throughout the week we also explored the planet by analyzing maps. This included learning about the Equator, Arctic Circle, and Antarctica. All of this knowledge will help students dive into the Polar Biome study.

Important Dates:

October 3rd –  Picture Day

October 9th & 10th- Fall Break (No School)