The Cooper School Daily

Lights, Camera, Action!


We have had an extra exciting week in Fourth Grade! This week we’ve had guest teachers from Charleston Stage come in to teach us all about drama! Actors have thoroughly enjoyed having time each day to explore different games and warm-ups, and learning all about an actor’s tools: body, voice, and imagination. We can’t wait to see what else they’ll learn next week too. 


Last week, Fourth Grade writers took on the hard work of creating strong “leads” in their narrative stories. Using mentor texts as examples, students researched what makes a good or interesting lead and then tried to model these skills in their very own fictional narratives. It is amazing how much a great “lead” can improve a story!


This week we started Unit 2 on Fractions. 4th grade mathematicians will learn how to make equivalent fractions, as well as how to compare fractions on a number line. This will involve strategies to find a common denominator and build on the idea of factors and multiples from Unit 1. 

Important Dates:

September 29 – Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)

October 9-10 – Fall Break (no school)