The Cooper School Daily

Love to Give

As we focus on Valentine’s Day this week, I wanted to share some things that our community loves about the Cooper School! With that being said, I wanted to share mine first. The Cooper School is not like any other school community that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. This community embraces the idea that we are a large family. In any other school environment the likelihood of an eighth grader wanting to interact with a kindergarten student is unheard and here it is the norm.

Zoey F: “It is a small school, therefore, we pretty much know everyone. In a larger school you do not get that opportunity.”

Jack W: “I really like how everyone knows each other, and that everyone is so open and friendly.”

Benton S: “The teachers here really care about the students and are devoted to their work. They are always so happy and it reflects on the students’ moods.”

James: “I like the outdoor breaks because it gives me time to get out some of the energy I have.”

The Cooper School is a special place!


What’s happening in Science?
Fifth graders finished up their bacteria lab this week. They worked on their google slide presentations that explain the scientific process they utilized to come up with their conclusions. The fifth graders also learned about microplastics and how they are not only impacting food chains in our local ecosystem, but also our own food chain and our own food sources. They contemplated ways to reduce waste and how plastic can take a million years to completely decompose, which is why tiny fragments are found in water sources. Next week, they will wrap up their bacteria science reports and prepare for their self-assessment conferences.

What’s happening in Math?
This week 5th graders converted more metric measurements and began converting customary measurements, and took a quiz over these concepts on Tuesday! Afterwards, we reviewed adding and subtracting fractions with uncommon denominators – as these are super important in measuring! Next week, students will continue practicing addition and subtraction of mixed numbers and fractions with uncommon denominators.

What’s happening in ELA?
5th graders conducted deep research and organized argument writing around topics that mattered to them this week. With their refined opinion writing skills, 5th graders crafted convincing theses and reasons built on well researched evidence and personal interviews.

Next week, 5th graders will move into an exciting unit study of William Shakespeare and a kid-friendly overview of his work in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This study will allow us to look closely at elements of poetry and eventually craft our own sonnets! As is typical with a new unit, we will swap from vocabulary study to grammar work these next four weeks!

What’s happening in Social Studies?
The fifth graders have moved their focus to modern day Europe. Students are not only focusing on their mapping skills as they are challenged to recreate maps of Europe, but also the culture found in each of these European regions. Students are partaking in a jigsaw activity to take on the role of independent learners as they dive into the governments, economies, and cultures that are spread out throughout Europe.

Next week, the students will be assessed over Europe before diving into Africa. We will focus on mapping Africa before diving into the early African societies. We will also place emphasis on the new vocabulary terms.

Important Dates:
February 19th & 20th- February Break (no school)
March 4th & 5th- Self-Assessment Conferences (11:30 dismissal)