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Motivating Middle Schoolers to Read

The holidays are upon us, and students will have several breaks from school. Many parents want to make sure that their children are reading, even when they are not in school. I recently ran across a Scholastic Parents Blog titled, How to Choose Just-Right Books According to Teachers. You may find it interesting to read. Feel free to click on the link below the five recommendations to read the entire article.

Here are five things teachers recommend when you’re selecting new books:

1. Establish a strong starting point.

2. Look for books that inspire self-discovery.

3. Choose books that motivate and interest your child.

4. Give your child the power of choice.

5. Find a series they love.

How to Choose Just-Right Books According to Teachers

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies?

This week the students started off by ending their studies on the different Revolutionary Wars by presenting their research they had gathered to their peers. The students then were challenged to begin looking for sources to help them learn about a specific Revolutionary woman that they had chosen to create a research paper for. 

Next week, the students will begin looking at how to write a research paper and the different parts that are important to emphasize. The students will begin typing up a rough draft that will then be sent home for their parents to peer-edit before beginning a final. 

What’s happening in ELA?

This week eighth graders practiced using apostrophes appropriately, applying the use of quotations with attribution, and identifying subject verb agreement usage. Students also worked faithfully on their writings this week. They are at the revision and final copy stages of their journalism articles. I am looking forward to seeing their final draft. Eighth graders will not have a grammar or vocabulary quiz this week, so they will not have a grammar/vocabulary rubric sent home for this week. Their reading logs and rubric for their reading logs will be returned on 10/19/22.

What’s happening in Science?

This week, eighth graders worked diligently on their Rube Goldberg machine. The amount of trial and error along with persistence has been amazing to witness! Some of the original plans had to be completely changed or partly altered. The process requires imagination and a deep understanding of how potential energy and kinetic energy are connected. Eighth Graders also contemplated how designing the Rube Goldberg machine not only requires taking into account physical constraints, but also economic, ethical and aesthetic constraints as well. They were able to consider that the same constraints are required for all designs.

What’s happening in Math?

The eighth graders are about to embark on some pretty heavy stuff: solving systems of equations by either substitution or elimination. Here’s the deal: I give you 2 equations, each has an x and a y in it. And I ask you to tell me what x and y equal. Your job would be to figure out the value of one of the variables so that you can plug it into one of the equations to find the value of the other variable. How much fun is that?! It’s actually fun (trust me), and the eighth graders are well prepared to crush it.

Important Dates:

  • October 17-18 – Fall Break (No School)
  • October 31- Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)
  • November 1- Teacher Work Day (No School)