The Cooper School Daily

Numbers & Lines

Number Graffiti
Kindergarteners got a chance to practice counting in groups this week as they created counting books of their own. On each page, students drew groups of objects one through four. Kindergarteners were so excited to practice writing their numbers 1-10. Our excitement spilled out onto the playground as students covered our entire basketball court with numbers in chalk!

Exploring Lines and Curves
This week, Kindergarteners spent time investigating lines and curves that make up the different letters of the alphabet. Students learned to classify horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. These young scholars practiced making different kinds of lines and curves with their bodies and then spent time following step-by-step directions forming letters using Wiki-Sticks. Ask your Kindergartener to tell you what they know about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines!

Learning Names & Making Friends
This week, students spent extra time practicing each of their friends’ names when greeting them each morning. Students have worked hard to make eye contact, shake hands, and greet each friend by name daily. As we drew sticks with each student’s name this week, students used our name chart to match students’ pictures to their names. This has students eager to recognize and read each of their friend’s names!

Important Dates:
September 4th – Labor Day (No School)
September 5th – Last day to bring shoe for A Walk In My Shoes Project
September 6th – Elementary Curriculum Night Make-Up (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
September 15th – Parent Coffee (8:15am – 9:00am)
September 23rd – Charleston Battery Family Fun Night