The Cooper School Daily

Our Last Week of Summer

Busy Writers Plan Across Pages
Kindergarten writers are off and running! This week our youngest writers discovered that when writing teaching books, sometimes everything they want to say won’t quite fit onto one page. Students learned that they can add pages to their writing using our class stapler! Kindergarten writers were also introduced to pre-stapled books and learned a strategy that writers use to plan their writing across pages when writing teaching books. Young writers spent time with their writing partners rehearsing and telling information that they planned to write on each page. This oral language rehearsal with partners not only helps kids clarify and think about what they are going to write but also helps them generate more content. Bravo, young writers. Bravo!

Drama with Charleston Stage!
Students could not wait to meet our visiting friends from Charleston Stage this week! Kindergarten students welcomed guests into our classroom and showed off all that they learned about classroom expectations. Students talked all about an actor’s tools: body, voice, and imagination! We loved watching students tap into their creative sides as they learned new songs and games, and even put on an in-class production of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Our Science Walk
Kindergarteners were excited to kick off our new Science unit, The Needs of Plant and Animals. To kick off our study, students packed up their Science Tool Kits (their eyes, ears, noses, and hands for observation!) to head outside for a Science Walk. Students looked for and identified living and non-living things, which sparked a discussion of what living things need to survive! We are so proud of our little scientists.

Important Dates:
September 23rd – Charleston Battery Family Fun Night
September 29th – Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)
October 9th-10th – Fall Break (No School)