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Pumpkin Predictions!

Pumpkin Predictions
This week, Kindergarten scientists learned all about making a hypothesis! Using this scientific tool, students began to wonder and experiment with pumpkins to discover some pretty cool things! First, students predicted that a larger pumpkin would weigh most because of what they know about larger objects in the world. Next, they predicted whether or not pumpkins would sink or float. Based on what they’ve learned in other areas of the world, Kindergarteners had good reason to believe that a heavy pumpkin would sink. Students were amazed to find out that they could float (and that some pumpkins are used to make boats!). Finally, students were excited to dig their hands into the slimy fibrous strands of our pumpkin to figure out how many seeds we had! Predictions ranged from 20 to 1000! Students counted them out in groups of five and our final count was 480!

Mommy E
This week Kinder-buddies unlocked the reading secret of Mommy E! Students discovered that when Mommy E sits at the end of a word, or is one letter away from another vowel, she will tell that vowel, “You say your name!”  Then she covers her mouth and won’t talk. We looked at the ways that Mommy E at the end of a word can change words like “tap” to “tape”or “hop” to “hope”. Students also learned that if Mommy E is NOT at the end of a word , or is MORE than one letter away from another vowel, that vowel gets to be short and lazy…because his/her mom is not right there.

Morning Meeting
Daily Morning Meetings bring our Kindergarten class so much joy! This special part of our day helps to build community and a sense of belonging in our classroom. Each day we begin by greeting each other in safe and engaging ways, reading and discussing our morning message, sharing thoughts and ideas, and then we move our bodies with an energizing activity. Students are able to fulfill the need to belong, to feel significant, and to have fun! Each day your child is being taught the skills of friendliness and social interest through sharing, listening, inclusion, participation, and speaking in front of a group. Ask your Kindergartener to share their favorite part of Morning Meeting with you!

Important Dates:
October 30th – Pumpkin Presentation (2:00pm)
October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 1 – Teacher Work Day (No School)