The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!

Creating our Own Rulers!

This week in second grade, we have begun learning about measurement. We began by looking and learning about the different units of measure. We talked about how different units of measurement are used to measure different things. Using the math tools, second graders measured different reptiles with centimeter cubes and centimeter longs. This is a building block to help students understand the meaning behind measurement. Second graders got a chance then to make their own centimeter ruler. Using the tools we have been learning this week, students drew accurate centimeter rulers to help them measure items!

Writing Non-Fiction Books

Second graders are combining their knowledge of their polar animal, that they have been extensively researching with their knowledge of non-fiction writing. Students this week have begun writing non-fiction books on the polar animal they are studying for their polar biome project. Using the research that they collected, students begin planning out the chapters that they will include in their books. After the planning process was over, students had to organize their research to make sure they included all the important information in their books. Finally, the writing process began and students dove into their books. They are excited to teach people all about their polar animal!

Presentation Preparation!

This week second graders started the first steps at preparing for their Polar Biome and Inuit Study presentation! Many steps will be taken to get to our final product, and students could not be more excited. Eager to get started, students began the first steps! This week students are learning all about the history of the Inuit people. This begins by comparing their lifestyle from long ago, and how it has changed over many years. Second graders are so excited to learn about new cultures and how people live in the arctic circle! Students will be hard at work preparing for their presentation!

Important Dates

October 31 – Halloween Carnival (½ Day)

November 1 – Teacher Work Day (No School)