The Cooper School Daily

Shining on 4th Grade


As we slowly move through the beginning chapters of The Green Book, we are continuing to emphasize the importance of reading intensely with our 4th graders. This week, we asked them to identify new characters that were introduced and explain how their roles are important to the plot. 4th graders also got to get creative and draw an illustration of what they believe the setting of the story looks like. With fiery trees and sharp blades of grass, we know our artists are enjoying letting their imaginations roam.

Word Work

On Wednesday, 4th graders learned how to use and identify adverbs in sentences. They started by writing a sentence using a verb and an adjective. Then as a class, we decided whether each adjective was describing a noun or a verb. For the adjectives describing verbs, we changed the sentence around to turn them into adverbs! They learned the different uses, such as telling how, when, or where something happened, then wrapped up with a page in their Grammar workbooks. 

Read Aloud

This week, we wrapped up reading Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe. This silly mystery is told from the perspective of the family dog, as the family cat tries to convince him that the new bunny is actually a vampire! Together, we followed their attempts to save the family, laughing the whole way. As an exciting surprise to our 4th graders, this book will become a teaching tool later in the year when we start our Mystery unit for Reading.

Important Dates:

October 3 – Rescheduled Picture Day

October 9-10 – Fall Break (no school)