The Cooper School Daily

Short But Sweet Week!

Magical Math
This week, students have been working very hard on creating their newest and nicest numbers in math. Students were excited to get extra practice on whiteboards, as we learned rhymes to help us form our numbers in the most efficient and neat way. Through several review games, our classroom has been filled with some of the fanciest 5s and excellent 8s! As Kindergarteners master numbers 1 through 10, we can’t wait to dive further into bigger and trickier numbers!

Wrapped Up in a Chrysalis
Kindergarteners were excited to return to our classroom to our caterpillar friends wrapped up tightly in their chrysalises. Students were delighted to greet them after the weekend and make detailed observations, making note of changes in their size, shape and color. Students even noticed that the critters had eaten even more of their food before bundling up. We eagerly await the day that they will emerge as butterflies so that we can send them off into the world with well wishes!

Students were overjoyed this week to attend one of their favorite specials, Yoga with Ms. Stacy. We value this part of our week as students find time to center themselves in a busy school day. Students returned to class excited to tell us all about their favorite yoga poses and how much they love spending mornings calming their spirits in Yoga.

Important Dates:
October 18th- Parent Lemonade (2:00-2:45pm)
October 30th – Pumpkin Presentation (2:00pm)
October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
November 1 – Teacher Work Day (No School)