The Cooper School Daily

Studious Third Graders !!!!

Social Studies 

Third Grade was so excited to begin our Community Change Makers Unit this week.  We spent our first day of the unit discussing the meaning of identity and what it means to be a “change maker”. The students created personal identity webs and looked for connections in themselves to the identities of others. We loved starting our unit affirming our own identities and getting to explore the factors that shape who we are. Students can’t wait to see who they will get to research for the rest of the Change Makers unit! 


Third Graders have been reading nonfiction texts and using their findings to teach their peers. This week, we partnered up to share all of the interesting information they have read on their topics. Students outlined their main idea and collected notes to support their points. Third Graders were so excited to share everything they had learned with friends!


This week in math, scholars focused on finding the area of rectangles and including units to their measurements. Students have learned that area is the amount of space covered by a shape. Students were able to identify equal groups in the rows and columns of arrays. Our Mathematicians were also able to skip count to find the total number of squares.  

Important Dates:  

  • October 3rd- Picture Day
  • October 9th-10th – Fall Break (No School)