The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Second Grade!

Learn to Type

This week in second grade students began using their computers! Students will be using their computers in class for educational games to practice their math and typing skills, as well as use it as a resource for information. Students will be using Keyboarding Without Tears to help them practice their typing skills. With a series of games and activities students will begin to learn where all the keys are and the most efficient way to type. They will also learn how to use the trackpad on the computer. All these tools will come together and allow the students to obtain research and effectively use the computer as a resource.

Hypothesis and Reflection

During our science unit students have been creating a lot of hypotheses and predictions about each investigation. Students begin science lessons  by writing down their predictions and explaining why they are in support of that decision. Second graders then begin the investigation by observing and writing down any important information that will help them conclude all their results. In the end, students reflect on their hypotheses. Students reflect whether they were correct and if  their prediction came true. Or, if their predictions were incorrect students explain why they were wrong and what actually happened in the investigation. The goal is for our second grade scientists to learn how to create a hypothesis and understand that sometimes we have success but sometimes we don’t!


This week in science we are studying evaporation. During our investigations we are learning about evaporation and why some things evaporate and why some things do not. Earlier in the week, we learned that a wet paper towel covered weighs more than a wet paper towel uncovered because all the water evaporated into the air. This week we also observed water on different surfaces. Using four different types of tools students observed how quickly and how much water evaporated. They made their predictions and will conclude whether or not they were correct.

Important Dates:

September 23rd- Charleston Battery Family Fun Night

September 26th- Picture Day

September 29th- Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)