The Cooper School Daily

Welcome to 4th Grade!

We have had such a fun week getting to know our new 4th grade students and having them get to know us, Snoopy, and the classroom. Each morning and afternoon, we get to learn a little bit more about each other through morning greetings and whole-class shares. We have worked on self-portraits, class quilts, and math interview games to get to know each of our students on a personal level. We hope that throughout the year we can continue to build these relationships with them through joyful learning.

This first week of school has been full of getting back into classroom routines and practicing Cooper School procedures. Our 4th graders have done an amazing job of listening and learning quickly. We even practiced their classroom jobs, and can tell they are so excited for these new responsibilities, such as veterinarian, gardener, tech organizer, and librarian! They have learned how to properly take care of our class pet, Snoopy, and what it means to be his caretaker. We are so glad to have our students back in the classroom and are looking forward to a wonderful 4th grade year.