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Why I Teach… Brooke McLoughlin

“I touch the future.  I teach.” – Christa McAuliffe

I remember hearing this quote during a television interview with the NASA Challenger Astronauts prior to their fatal launch.  Even as a child, it made me stop what I was doing and focus on the television. Such strong, amazing, and TRUE words! This quote was an inspiration for me to become a teacher and still inspires me today!

Why do I teach? First, it is very hard to separate me as a person from me as a teacher. The values, morals, and methodologies I have as a person and as a teacher intertwine so intricately, making it difficult to find the exact point at where one ends and the other begins. The concept of caring is also intricately woven throughout the personal and professional being I am as a teacher. I am a person who cares in my personal life and a person who cares in my professional life.  Therefore, my personal and professional goals as a teacher are inseparable. I want to cultivate a caring capacity in my students as well. I want my students to know that not only do I care about them as my students, I also care about them as people.  I want them to know I am not here to just “do a job”, I am here with them because I honestly care about them and their future. I will not be satisfied in reaching only one or two students. I want to reach them all. My goal is to touch their lives, their minds, their futures, and their hearts!

I have taught in a wide variety of schools during my 20-year teaching career. Each educational environment was unique, but all incorporated the same fundamental academic skills and structure. Before I began teaching at The Cooper School, I probably couldn’t tell you which educational experience stood out the most to me.  After my first day as a teacher at TCS, I knew I had found the perfect school for me! The students, families, and faculty are all truly AMAZING! The foundation, the beliefs,  and the curriculum spoke to my heart and soul. I am challenged as a professional and continue to gain knowledge each day as I enter the classroom.