The Cooper School Daily

Why I Teach… Kyndall McKemie

As I enter my third year at The Cooper School, I am keenly aware of how impactful every single day is in a child’s educational journey.  As a teacher, I value many things.  I value the growth and development of every student, not just those in my class. This is the growth that I am able to see firsthand, from the first day of school to the very last, from the classroom to the playground. Our days are sprinkled with equal parts academic and social emotional learning. Our school is enhanced by the developing friendships among students in their classes.  In my daily interactions, I see a renewed sense of community among students, teachers, parents, and administrators in an increasingly divided world.  I honor the tools and strategies that TCS students and teachers utilize to resolve conflict both at school and at home.  

I appreciate the various reasons parents selected this unique institution for their child’s individual needs. I teach at The Cooper School because I genuinely value our connectedness in an age of digital detachment.  Conversely, I love the creative ways our teachers harness technology to enhance our project based learning.  I cherish the moments of collaboration among students in their units of study and how they are able to make connections from their previous studies.  I hold dear the enthusiasm children arrive with each morning.  Each student waits with excitement as they hear what is planned for the day.  

I admire the diverse body of knowledge represented by our faculty and staff with a willingness to share best practices.  I appreciate the high quality resources in our academic setting, understanding that it is not a given for most schools to have access to these resources.  I respect that our school is a safe space for our children, reserved as a judgment-free haven for students of all backgrounds.  I treasure the magic in children’s eyes as they take part in project-based learning for the first time or for the fiftieth time. I respect how our leaders are able to adapt in uncertain times.  As an educator, I realize the limitless potential in my own career and in my student’s academic trajectory.  Each day at TCS is an opportunity to both teach and to learn.