The Cooper School Daily

100 Days Wiser

100th Day of School
Kindergarten was so excited to end the week with a celebration of our 100th Day of School! On Friday, students hobbled into school in their elderly best. Students laughed and showed off the costumes they’d pieced together to age themselves up a bit. We saw mustaches, gray hair, nightgowns, suspenders, and even a remote control! To honor our 100th day, students completed projects counting up 100 of an item of their choice. Students were proud to show off their counting skills and even more proud to show off their funky clothes to all of their peers!

Writing Compliments
Kindergarteners were thrilled for the chance to express their appreciation for the strong relationships they have built with their peers! Students kicked off a new project writing compliments for their classmates. Our class began by brainstorming the things they appreciated about their peers. From there, students looked for ways to put their feelings into words. Kindergarteners were bustling with so many positive things to say! We are touched to see and hear all of the kind things students had to say to their peers.

This week, students were so excited to find out about their Biome groups for our upcoming Fashion Show! Kindergarteners were divided into the Polar, Rainforest, Desert, and Wetlands biomes and tasked with dressing for the conditions. Students took time with their groups to brainstorm all of the clothing items that would be helpful to them in their own biome. Their smart thinking really blew us away as they considered dangerous animals, weather conditions, comfort, food and water, and anything else that would allow for survival!

Important Dates:
February 14th – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo!
February 15th- Kindergarten Class Social (3pm-4pm) This is a student only event!
February 20th & 21st – February Break (No School)