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Cooper School Sonnet

This unit in ELA is all about Shakespeare and sonnets for every grade! As students began sonnet writing this week, I thought it would be fitting to write a sonnet about learning at The Cooper School.

Shall I compare school to a big textbook?
Middle school has more pages to flip through.
It’s pages more than words with closer look
The final page turns, lessons stick with you.

One poor chapter may carry a dark stain,
It’s but bacteria ripe for study.
Another excerpt vandalized in vain,
S’deep knowledge hidden behind the muddy.

Once extra weight to a droopy backpack,
Now stored in one’s head, new knowledge so light.
I’m happy to share the greatest life hack;
Those gritty, dull pages when read, shine bright.

The great textbook that is course after course
is middle school magic gathering force.

We’re in the nitty gritty of February work. Spring Break still feels far away. We’ve all kept our heads down in the daily grind of learning, but so much new knowledge and wisdom is filling these kids’ brains, even if they haven’t yet ‘looked up’ to notice it! Their work is magical and lasting!


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Sixth graders learned more about pollination and plant reproduction this week! They also worked diligently on their biomimicry projects as they completed their models and polished up their slideshows. Next week, we look forward to sharing our work with you. Our next unit will be about vaccines and human systems. We will be reading a graphic novel in class about plagues.
What’s up in ELA?

6th graders began the week studying Shakespeare’s “Sonnet #18.” We successfully interpreted Shakespeare’s work and began picking apart the elements of a sonnet like meter, foot, and iambic pentameter. This helped us prepare the initial parts of our own sonnets! We continued to read Romeo and Juliet, as well, studying the elements of comedies vs. tragedies and stock characters. We also took time to review formatting titles and types of nouns in grammar.

Next week, 6th graders will revise and polish their sonnets, further discussing sonnet and poetry structure. We’ll discuss themes in both sonnets and Romeo and Juliet.

What’s going on in Math?
This week, 6th graders reviewed percentages and found errors before taking their Unit 6 Test on Tuesday. We spent the rest of the week exploring rational numbers! Next week, we’ll study absolute value and evaluate problems with positive and negative numbers.

What’s happening in Social Studies?
Sixth graders finished their Islamic World unit with presentations of the different Islamic Achievements! This led into their review days for their Islamic World Assessment they took on Friday!

Next week, the students will move into Ancient Chinese Dynasties! Students will compare using Venn Diagrams and a “This or That” activity testing the different dynasties, such as; the Tang, Song, Mongol, and Ming!

Important Dates:
March 4th & 5th- Self-Assessment Conferences (11:30 dismissal)