The Cooper School Daily

FALLing into Third Grade


This week, students began working on their first piece of informational writing. Third Graders were instructed to consider and begin writing about a subject area in which they are familiar. Students started by creating a Table of Contents and then dividing up and deciding in what areas they could expand and build on their writing.


Social Studies


Third Graders began their first Social Studies unit of the year, Community Change Makers. Students began by passing around nonfiction books in Centers with information on many historical figures who have made great changes to our society in the areas of Equality, Environmental, Civil Rights, and Women’s Rights. Students are excited to begin working on their projects to present to parents on November 16th.

Fire Safety

Third Graders were thrilled to have two visitors from the fire station this week. Charleston Fire Department’s Sarah Bootle and Robert Boulem stopped by to go over important techniques in fire safety. Students were thrilled to review evacuation planning, ways to prevent fires, and how to react in dangerous situations. Third Graders were elated to get to see and try on the firefighting gear that keeps firefighters safe.


Important Dates:

  • October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
  • November 12th & 13th – Conferences
  • November 16th – Community Change Makers Presentation (2:00pm)
  • November 20th – Harvest Feast (11:30am Dismissal)
  • November 21st-23rd – Thanksgiving Break