The Cooper School Daily

Fun In Third Grade !!

Social Studies 

This week in Social Studies we dug deeper into our South Carolina study. Students learned about the Native American tribes that came to South Carolina. Students learned about the follwing three tribes: Cherokee, Catawba, and the Yemassee.  Our scholars were so excited to compare the differences and similarities between these tribes.


This week in Writing Workshop scholars finished writing their persuasive speech to persuade Ms. Franci to let them have a social gathering one afternoon after Winter Break. Scholars brainstormed ideas and put them all together into one speech and presented this speech to Ms. Franci. Third Graders were so excited and received a big “yes” for the social gathering. We will reach out after break with a date for this social gathering!


This year Third Grade chose the winter holiday Kwanzaa to study. We have been reading books and doing research all about this special holiday. Our scholars split into groups and studied the seven principles of Kwanzaa and presented them to our class. Scholars were so excited to share all the information they learned and make Kwanzaa friendship bracelets with you all at the Holiday Festival Extravaganza.

Important Dates:

  • December 20 – January 3: Winter Break
  • January 4: First Day Back from Winter Break