The Cooper School Daily

Growing & Growing

Student-Led Conferences
Kindergarteners knocked our socks off and blew our minds this week as they welcomed parents into our classroom to show them all of the learning that they have done this year in Kindergarten. We were so excited to watch as students proudly grabbed mom or dad by the hand to drag them around our classroom to teach a math game, show off their published How-To books, their completed biome projects, and to show off all of their hard work in their self-assessment folders! We loved getting to hear Kindergarteners sit down with their parents and share all of the ways that they have grown this year. Thank you all for sharing this magic with us!

Avid Readers
This week, Kindergarteners celebrated all of their amazing growth in reading and launched into our new Avid Readers unit. Students spent time identifying what it means to be an Avid Reader by investigating photographs of examples of people reading their hearts out. Students discovered that Avid Readers read a lot, find places everywhere to read, keep a stack of books waiting to be read, can’t stop reading, and they feel what the character is feeling!

New View! New Seats!
Can you believe that we have entered our third trimester of school? A Cooper School tradition is to get new seats in the classroom each trimester to gain a new perspective in their learning. Students were thrilled to enter the classroom and hunt for their new seats. Kindergarteners couldn’t wait to start adventures with new table partners!

Important Dates:
March 24th – K, 3rd, 6th Grade Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00 am)
March 28th- 11:30 Dismissal
April 3 – 10 – Spring Break (No School)