The Cooper School Daily

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day
This week, Kindergarteners were so excited to observe and celebrate Earth Day. Each morning this week, Kindergarteners have brainstormed ways to help take care of our planet. In Writing, students have considered problems in our world that need solving and made signs to help promote change for our Earth! After all of their hard work and brainstorming, students were so excited to put all of their ideas to work and spend Earth Day looking for litter that could be cleaned up as well as reminding friends to take care of Earth, which does such a good job of taking care of us! 

Persuasive Writing
This week, Kindergarteners kicked off a new writing unit learning all about the art of persuasion! Students discussed different problems around our classroom, school and the world, identified some solutions to those problems, as well as the people that could help. Students created signs to remind people not to litter, notes to remind other students of school rules, as well as some convincing letters to persuade people to take better care of our classroom materials! We are so proud and excited for these young change makers!

Welcome, Dr Ev!
This week, we had a special visit from our friend, Dr. Ev, who is our Middle School ELA teacher. Dr. Ev shared a West African folktale about why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears. Students were excited to learn that folk tales are passed down verbally from generation to generation. During this riveting read-aloud, Kindergarteners lit up with excitement as they enjoyed Dr. Ev’s character voices and energy!

Important Dates:
April 25th-27th – Swimming Lessons Field Trip
April 28th – TCS Gala
May 2nd – Biome Fashion Show (8:30am)
May 12th- Pass It On 5:00-6:30pm (Trinity Hall)
May 30th – Memorial Day (No School)
June 3rd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)