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Hooray for finishing the ERB!

ERB Testing

Third Graders were challenged this week with the task of taking the ERB. It takes a great deal of self control and self regulation to make it through testing and our Third Graders mastered these two things this week! We persevered and now we’re all done with ERB testing for this year, which means we’re one week closer to summer break! Hooray!.  


With ERB Testing happening this week, Third Graders have been having a relaxed week of review in math. We learned about what makes a polygon a polygon and how to identify polygons by how many sides they have. On Tuesday, mathematicians made polygon cootie catchers to quiz their classmates on the names of different polygons. We also learned what Ms. Rachael’s favorite polygon is. Ask your Third Grader if they remember how many sides Ms. Rachael’s favorite polygon has! 


This week Third Grade readers continued to explore the magical world of fairytales. Students compared and contrasted variations of fairy tales across cultures. They found unique variations and similarities in the characters, settings, plots, themes as well as in minor details of the stories. Third Grade readers began to examine archetypal characters such as the underdog, trickster, villain, and the jealous stepmother that appears so often in fairytales. Scholars learned that archetypal characters are found over and over in literature. 

Reminder: Next week is Spirit Week!
Monday: Hat Day
Tuesday: Favorite Shirt Day
Wednesday: Favorite Color Day
Thursday: Silly Sock Day
Friday: Pajama Day

Important Dates:

May 24-28: Spirit Week
May 31: Memorial Day- No School
June 3: Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30 Dismissal)