The Cooper School Daily

Kindergarten Self Reflection

Student-Led Conferences
Kindergarteners knocked our socks off and blew our minds this week as they welcomed parents into our classroom to show them all of the learning that they have done this year in Kindergarten. We were so excited to watch as students proudly grabbed mom or dad by the hand to drag them around our classroom to show off their published How-To books, their completed building projects, and to show off all of their hard work in their self assessment folders! We loved getting to hear Kindergarteners sit down with their parents, go through their portfolio and share all of the ways that they have grown this year. Thank you all for sharing this magic with us!

After finishing up our building study, Kindergarteners were excited to dive into a new unit of study all about Clothing. This week, students discussed the different purposes for clothing: from modesty, to protection, and even to communicate. Students were so excited to share all about their favorite clothing as well as the fabrics that bother them. Students were so excited to learn all about some newly invented clothing with the purpose of improving the wearer’s life (such as a shirt with a neck pillow attached to nap on!)

Little Poets
Kinder poets were thrilled to dive deep into the reading and writing of poetry this week! Students spent time identifying rhyming words in poetry they read and adding rhyming words to poetry that they wrote. They discovered that rhyming words help to create rhythm in poetry! These brave readers and writers learned that poets can use special sound words called onomatopoeia to make their poems interesting and fun to read!

Important Dates:
March 28th-April 1st – Spring Break (No School)
April 15th-18th – April Break (No School)