The Cooper School Daily

New Year!

Non-Fiction Text Features
During read-alouds this week, Kindergarteners had a chance to deepen their understanding of biomes and the animals that inhabit them through the reading and discussion of Non-Fiction texts that teach. Kindergarteners have learned that non-fiction texts are books that teach us. During these read-alouds, we are closely examining the text features that are commonly found in non-fiction books. Stay tuned as we take a deeper dive next week!

Drawings to Represent Story Problems
Students have been working so hard on their math skills with a big focus this week on story problems. Kindergarteners have shown the ability to act out math stories using people, blocks, and even their fingers! We have been so impressed to watch Kindergarteners develop their skills in drawing to represent story problems. With an intent of keeping their focus on math, students have been working on making their drawings easy to decipher without taking too much time!

Biome Business
This week, Kindergarteners dove head first into our four biomes of study. Students explored the flora and fauna of each biome, as well as the weather conditions that allow for life there. Students could not wait to share all that they knew about the Wetlands, Desert, Rainforest, and Polar biomes. Using what we know about these biomes and what we know about clothing, students brainstormed a list of items that would be beneficial in each area! Students discussed all of the ways they knew clothing could protect them from cold, sun, rain, animals, and more!

Important Dates:
January 15th – MLK Day (No School)
January 17th- Cooper Clusters (Free Dress Day)
January 31st – 100th Day of School
February 14th – Valentine’s Day Bingo, Book Fair and Bake Sale
February 19th-20th – February Break (No School)