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Once Upon A Time In Third Grade !!!


In reading, we started our unit on fairy tales. Together we read the story, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and learned about the setting in fairy tales. In writing, our Third Graders began their own adaptation story by picking a fairy tale and brainstorming how to make it similar and different to the original story.


This week in math scholars continued learning about measurements and weight. Scholars went around the classroom and measured items so we could create our very own line plot of objects they measured. Third graders also learned about weight and liquid volume. Students found objects around the room and compared them to weights in grams and kilograms. We are loving this unit so much! 

Read Aloud

Third graders are enjoying our new read-aloud “The Sisters Grimm” . This read-aloud ties into our fairytales unit as well. This book tells the story of two orphaned sisters who are sent to live with their newly discovered grandmother, Relda Grimm, in the strange town of Ferryport Landing. The girls soon learn a family secret: that they are descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm, whose book of fairy tales is actually a history book.

Important Dates   

  • April 24th – Spring Choir Concert – 1:45 pm – 2:20 pm
  • April 27th- “Sparkle” Spring Gala and Auction