Our meaningful curriculum is relevant to the world: our emphasis on eco-literacy and service learning is in response to the present concerns of our planet and future needs of our global community.

How children learn is as important as what children learn. In our small, nurturing environment we place a premium on strong, personal relationships between students and teachers. In addition, our teachers believe that working with families is essential to children’s education. Our emphasis on social and emotional learning is exhibited in our Responsive Classroom Curriculum and our positive approach to discipline solutions.


In this atmosphere of support, teachers act as coaches and guides for the social, emotional, physical and academic growth of students. Our responsive classrooms value cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, nurturing and gratitude.

The Cooper School seeks to be a diverse community of learners and teachers because we believe that when people from different backgrounds play, work, learn, and think together they have the opportunity to better understand differing perspectives and common ground among people.