The Cooper School Daily

Our Little Valentines

Illustrating Compliments
This was a big week in our Kindergarten world! After working hard to craft thoughtful compliments for each of our classmates, Kindergarteners took on the big job of creating illustrations to match their words for each friend! Kindergarteners blew us away with their beautiful bucket-filling illustrations! We hope that you loved reading these treasures!

Then vs. Now
This week, Kindergarteners spent time considering the areas in their life in which they have improved. We asked students to think about all of the things that they can do now that they were not able to do at the beginning of our school year independently. Kindergarteners gushed over their abilities to read, write, and count! Though we already knew and had seen this growth, it was so beautiful to hear little ones proudly acknowledge their own accomplishments! As we look forward, we will set academic goals for things that Kindergarteners want to accomplish and master independently before they are First Graders!

Biome Murals
In preparation for their upcoming Biome Fashion Show, Kindergarteners spent the week designing and painting biome murals based on the characteristics of their biome’s climates. Students in the Rainforest biome filled their mural with green, while Polar biome students used white for snow. Once murals are dry, students cannot wait to draw, cut out, and add all of the animals they know you can find!

Important Dates:
February 19th-20th – February Break (No School)
February 23rd – Biome Fashion Show (8:15 am)
March 4th & 5th – Student-Led Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)
March 22nd – K, 3rd, & 6th Grade Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00am)