The Cooper School Daily

Partners Working Side by Side

Rocket Math & Table Getters

In math, students are practicing, drilling and solving problems in partnerships. Mathematicians were thrilled to begin each math block with Rocket Math and then ease into the daily lesson with mental math (practiced verbally or written on dry erase boards) and answer the math message. Math tables are learning who can help them find materials in the math cart or look up a question or rules to a game in their Student Reference Book. Students that are “Getter 1” or “Getter 2” help manage, pass out and care for materials. Students are learning  how to be independent learners by 1.) Looking up their question (in a book or on an anchor chart) or 2.) By asking their math partner.

Writing Workshop

Our busy authors are learning to move throughout the classroom independently to gather materials or find a peaceful work-space free of distractions. Writers are learning the importance of proofreading their work as they write, paying close attention to capitalization, punctuation and misspelled words. We are excited to launch our first unit of narrative writing next week!

Planting Partners

IMG_1312 Third Grade and Second Grade planting partners are working together in our edible garden box! This first trimester we have planted spinach, kale, lettuce, carrots and beets. Scientists are thrilled to see sprouts in just 4 short days of planting! Together they illustrated labels for each row. Each day, students search for bugs and signs of progress. We can’t wait to harvest our crops!

Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 5th      Labor Day, No School
  • Thursday, September 29th    Curriculum Night at 5:30pm