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Poems, Robots, Spring Break.. Oh My!

Love That Boy by Walter Dean Myers

Love that boy,

like a rabbit loves to run

I said I love that boy

like a rabbit loves to run

Love to call him in the morning

love to call him

‘Hey there, son!’

He walk like his Grandpa,

Grins like his Uncle Ben.

I said he walk like his Grandpa,

And grins like his Uncle Ben.

Grins when he’s happy,

When he sad, he grins again.

His mama like to hold him,

Like to feed him cherry pie.

I said his mama like to hold him.

Like to feed him that cherry pie.

She can have him now,

I’ll get him by and by

He got long roads to walk down

Before the setting sun.

I said he got a long, long road to walk down

Before the setting sun.

He’ll be a long stride walker,

And a good man before he done.

In this poem, Walter Dean Myers is writing about his boy and the traits and ideals he loves about him. This week we took a break from journalism to prepare for Pass-It-On! I wanted to share this poem with you, so you could take a moment and realize the true characteristics of your unique child. They are a product of their lineage, they like to be held in their own individual way, and fed their favorite foods, they grin when they are happy and show us when they are sad. Lindsay and I enjoy observing these cues and helping them navigate along their path. We are here to get them all by ad by.

What’s happening in Science:

This week in social studies, historians researched Roman architecture, roles of Roman women, and other other Roman achievements. They created brochures displaying their research that could be displayed in a Roman History museum. For a science and social studies brain break, they modeled different Roman landmarks using Legos. 

What’s up in Math?

Fifth Graders are dividing whole numbers by unit fractions to solve-multi-step word problems this week. Some fifth graders had the opportunity to test out a division game called “verse the robot”!

Sixth Graders have been writing mathematical expressions, distributing expressions and reading mathematical expressions in which letters replace digits, they took their mid-module assessment this week, and made corrections! 

In Writing:

Writers took a pause on journalism this week to complete their Pass-It-On poems. 

Important Dates: March 29- April 5 Spring Break