The Cooper School Daily

So Long, February!

Little Poets
Kinder poets were thrilled to dive deep into the reading and writing of poetry this week! Students spent time identifying rhyming words in poetry they read and adding rhyming words to poetry that they wrote. They discovered that rhyming words help to create rhythm in poetry! These brave readers and writers learned that poets can use special sound words called onomatopoeia to make their poems interesting and fun to read! We were especially blown away as Kindergarteners learned all about similes and then were able to apply them to their own writing. We were as proud as peacocks!

Self-Assessment Prep
Kindergarteners have been working hard to have everything ready to show off to their parents during Student Led conferences this week. Kindergarteners impressed us this week as they practiced rotating through each of their centers, showing off math skills, considering their improvement, finding just right books, and practicing reading some books of their own. We cannot wait to see students show off their growth with pride next week!

Ruby Bridges
Students wrapped up Black History Month with a quick study of Ruby Bridges this week. Kindergarteners were fascinated and appalled to hear of this ugly chapter in American history. We were thrilled to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Kindergarteners showed empathy, courage, and desire to make a difference. Students practiced all week recognizing situations of injustice or intolerance and responding with a resounding “THAT’S NOT RIGHT”.

Important Dates:
March 4th & 5th – Student-Led Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)
March 22nd – K, 3rd, & 6th Grade Artist of the Month (8:15-9:00 am)
March 25th – April 1st – Spring Break (No School)