The Cooper School Daily

Soaring In Third Grade !!


In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Third Graders spent a good bit of time considering what it is about each of their classmates that they appreciate. This week in Writing Workshop students completed their first drafts of compliments for each of their classmates. Students have begun working on their final drafts of each of these notes to be compiled into a book to be delivered to their classmates.Third Graders have loved the opportunity to show their appreciation for their friends! 


Third Grade readers finished reading our class novel, the Asian folktale The Magic Paintbrush. They thought back to everything that happened in the book and discovered the theme of the story which is not always an easy task! Students ended the week by listening to Ms. Renee read one of her favorite books, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse and then talked about the life lessons that were intertwined throughout the book. This was a perfect farewell reading for us to do as a class!   

Social Studies

On Monday Third Grader scholars had the pleasure of having local business owner, Shuai Wong, join our class to learn about culture. Students and Shuai shared a beautiful conversation about culture, similarities, and differences between China and America. Students got to learn how the context of where you’re from can impact who you are as a person. Please ask your scholar all about our special visitor!

Important Dates  

  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day Bingo, Book Fair and Bake Sale
  • February 19th-20th – February Break (No School)